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Down the rabbit hole: Rabbit hole
What wonders are there to be told...
Friends in All sorts of Places by Madoriko-Rose
Friends in All sorts of Places
Often times when I go on hikes I really enjoy connecting with nature. and sometimes, just sometimes, I find these butterflies and talk with them. I've never seen this butterfly before. But they were friendly insects that tickled as they walked on my hands. They fluttered all around me. IT was so surreal and amazing.
Life Under the Roof by Madoriko-Rose
Life Under the Roof
Macro shot of mushroom on my hike. Never saw the fly until after I took the shot and looked at it. =3=
  • Listening to: Chandlier by Sia
  • Reading: under the light- laura whitcomb
  • Watching: Orphan Black s.2
  • Eating: chocolate >:3
  • Drinking: water
Hello Everyone!!! How are you doing? Are you well? How is everything in your life?
I haven't been able to spend much time here on dA but that doesn't mean I don't look at all your wonderful submissions.
I have been dwindling with the idea of maybe leaving dA but that never happens. I just feel bad for never submitting journals or art as much.
I guess that just happens when life becomes more busy for us. But I think I will stay here as long as I can.

So I thought I would just write what is going on in my life so you understand why I am so busy..

So and update on my opa and oma. My opa is, in my opinion, doing much better. He is still paralyzed on his right side, but he has regained enough strength in his throat to swallow now (before if he drank or tried eating it would go into his lungs because he couldnt control his throat) so he has strengthened his throat enough to eat blended food and thickened water and sauces. And although he still cannot talk, he is getting stronger and getting closer to almost put words together. It is a long road ahead of him, but I am opimistic he will come through. My oma is being moved to a long term care home because she cant stay in their home anymore. So she's not too happy with that but They are doing much better than before. It is still pretty stressful and takes a toll on all of the family but we are just so happy and thankful that they are still with us. And that they are being taken care of.

In the midst of all this craziness, I got my hair cut. It is now up to my shoulders. It is light and fresh for the summer time.

Oh I just noticed I passed 20 000 views. Never in my wildest dreams did i ever think I would surpass that number. I always saw people with their "Kiriban" goals and I was like *A* "Woah I wonder if I will ever get there" never did I think people would honestly notice my artwork and photography because I am a nobody, I have no educational training with art and I just point my camera and snap photos. Never ever did I think i would get to 20 000 views. Like that is 20 000 time people have come to my gallery and taken a look. Like oh my god. It is unbelievable.
So thank you, Thank you to everyone who looks at my artwork, comments on them, favourites and gives me support. It is the good nature of humanity that makes me feel good about this world. So thank you. thank you so very very much from my whole heart, not the bottom of it, but my entire whole heart; Thank you

So amongst all this grandparent issues, my brother is having issues with his marriage and came back home for two weeks. Not cool but i get it, but hopefully he will work things out with his wife. SO that added another stress to my life. 

I have started to sew again (well not yet, hopefully today, gotta hem pants, sew a shirt and fix some pants) and I want to make myself a dress I saw at a store that only had up to size 10. Like unrealistic sizes ppl. So that is going to be fun.

I am going through all of my old school stuff and recycling all of my chicken scratched notes (but keeping the teachers notes) and going through my room and purging things. Getting ride of shoe boxes ( i had 15 pairs of shoes under my bed and now I have these small tote toy bins that I put 4 pairs each in. Makes it so much smaller, have tons more room and it's easy and convenient to get them. And because i have all this stress  and neg energy from all this family stuff, cleaning, purging and organizing my things puts me at ease and calm. I don;t know if you can relate, but for me, it is blissful peace.

So the final and big thing is... I am leaving my split-shift daycare job for a full- time job. OMG I am so excited. It was friday july 4 and I was going to Canada's wonderland and I got a call from this daycare I applied to a month ago. They asked if i  was still interested ( AH DUH I WAS) and they said WELL you're hired. Holy shit that day was magical. Screaming, laughing, crying on all these rides knowing I jsut got hired for a full time job was amazing. So I leave my other daycare job Aug 1. And I start Aug 7. So I got like a week off but omg a full-time job/hours, with benifits at 23 years old. It is just a dream. And it is close by. And Oh my god,  I am estatic. I am going to be working with infants (youngest is 7 months) and I just cant believe this is happening. It is so amazing for me.

So there is so much going on in my life right now that I barely have moments to think about my art or photography. Hopefully I will have a break and time to sit and breathe.

Till then, I hope you are all doing well, keep me in the loop,

All the best


Oh, P.s. Chandlier by Sia is an amazing song. The video gives me chills. It is such an awesome song

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I enjoy capturing the world through the lens but also using tools to depict my imagination on paper

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